We do not know exactly when our hotel building was erected, because first known records date back to 1862, when the first land registry of Córdoba was founded. But according to the style of the building, we have reasons to believe that the house was constructed before that time. We also believe that the building was renovated around the end of the 19th century.

              Our two-story building is a old town house which is typical for Andalusia. It has two courtyards, including one with a fountain, a parlor, a dining room, a kitchen, and a small front-yard. It is the one and only building in C/Isabel Losa street to have kept its very original architecture. Therefore, the city’s department for protecting historic monuments listed our hotel building as a historic monument.

              To understand the nature and the origin of those typical Andalusian old town houses we have to look back at the traditional way of housing during Roman times. In those days town houses, as well as traditional land houses, were built around a courtyard, the so called patio. Those arrangements were modified during times of Moorish rule: Arabs in town set great store by protection of their privacy. Therefore those courtyards became more important as places to live than areas outside the building complexes. And so patio courtyards were developed as orchards and ornamental gardens, including a number of both ornamental and useful plants. Particularly the use of aromatic plants and the omnipresent ripple of water characterized Arabian lifestyle that determines many patio courtyards even in present days.

              No doubt that buildings change themselves in the course of time to match new standards. But they not necessarily have to lose their original characters. So we can recognize an enchanting combination of older and younger construction elements. For example, the new tiles you can see on the picture above harmonize with old elements of the house, as well as the use of exotic flowers and plants. Anyway, today virtually nobody can imagine a patio courtyard without geraniums from South Africa or without bougainvilleas from Brazil.

              To sum it up it can be said that an Andalusian old town house like ours unites the nature of every culture that has left its marks in it.